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How the Autoblog staff would configure a Lamborghini Urus

How the Autoblog staff would configure a Lamborghini Urus

Our tastes are diverse

Associate Editor Joel Stocksdale

To me, Lamborghini is all about being over-the-top and flashy, and although the bright yellow or the two reds available would naturally fit that, I felt that this metallic blue would be a bit more unusual. But it s still the brightest blue available, so it should still be reasonably flashy. To support that, I went with the optional 22-inch wheels in black and diamond metal finish. The color scheme is echoed on the inside with black leather and suede seats with blue contrast stitching. I also skipped the carbon fiber trim for wood with aluminum inlay because carbon fiber is becoming a bit played out.

The other part of the Lamborghini experience is all about the drive, so the other options I picked are meant to augment that, but not take away from it. So I skipped the various semi-autonomous assists, but I did opt for the heads-up display, and top-view camera. I also added a set of 22-inch snow tires and the additional off-road modes because I want to drive my Urus anywhere I can. -

the lamborghini

Senior Editor Alex Kierstein

The Urus is not a conventionally handsome SUV, so I’m going a unconventional way with my build. An unusual exterior color and relatively subdued accents help the Urus look interesting without the boring anonymity of black or grey. That’s why the Verde Hebe Metallic appeals to me. Likewise, titanium-hued Alcione wheels stick out less than the silver ones, and black calipers recede into the background. Basically, the more brightwork I can remove, the better it looks. Hence the matte pipes. Inside, Terra Asia Vintage leather compliments the exterior color, as does the wood accents. Off-road modes are a must, but there’s not much else optional that looks like a must-have. -

Associate Editor Reese Counts

I m still torn over whether or not I like the looks of the Urus. I feel like it has the same problem as the original Porsche Cayenne or Panamera. Lamborghini took a sleek, hard-edged coupe and stretched and pulled until you get what we have here. Getting rid of the black plastic cladding helps, though that limits you to either black or Blu Astraeus paint. I contrasted the black 21-inch wheels and black exhaust tips with bright red calipers. It s a Lamborghini, so some part of it needs to be bold.

I like dark interiors, so I of course went with black leather. No Alcantara, suede or carbon fiber. I m tired of sporty interiors throwing in those materials haphazardly. I also checked every single option, from a heated steering wheel to night vision to an 85-liter fuel tank. I want to get more than 200 miles from a tank.

Managing Editor Greg Rasa

Contributing Editor James Riswick

I have a general rule about picking paint colors for cars. If it s a subdued car, go for a flamboyant color. I want my E39 M5 in Imola Red, thank you very much. If it s a flamboyant car, I want it in a subdued color. Dodge Challenger in F8 Green, please.

A Lamborghini would quite obviously fall into the latter category, so I opted for black. Sorry, Nero Helene. Now, as an addendum to my general rule, if a subdued exterior color has been applied to a car, I will always go for something bright inside. In this case, lime green. Sorry, Verde Faunus, which is unique and totally awesome. I made the brake calipers match.

I also opted for ventilating and massaging seats, piano black trim, a roof box to anticipate grossly insufficient cargo space and off-road modes because I like wasting money. -


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